Go ahead and break down Iowa State vs. Connecticut until you run out breath. Analyze the analytics, ditto the comparisons.

Then hit the delete button, because Friday night's first game at Madison Square Garden to determine an Elite Eight berth is all about one thing.

DeAndre Kane vs. Shabazz Napier.

"That one's going to be fun to watch; it'll be intense if you're one of the players," said Cyclone sophomore Georges Niang, whose broken right foot has rendered him a spectator.

Niang knows every move Kane has ever tried during Iowa State's first Sweet 16 appearance since 2000.

Niang also grew up playing with and against Napier when both lived in the Boston area.

"It's not just about those two guys, but that's where there's going to be a lot of focus," Niang said Thursday. "They're both going to be a handful when they're on the defensive end. Both of them are great players."

USA TODAY Sports recently ranked them among the top five of the 10 best players heading in to the round of 16 — Kane No. 4, Napier No. 5.

Kane has led third-seeded Iowa State in scoring 16 times during its 28-7 season. Napier has been the 28-8 seventh-seeded Huskies' scoring leader 22 times.

"Big opportunity," Kane said Thursday. "There will be times when we're one-on-one, but it's not going to be like that the whole game. It's not going to be just about us. It's about Iowa State against UConn."