It's no secret that the Bengals have some free agency needs, aside from re-signing their own players. Three of those needs that we have talked about (at length and over and over and over again) in the last few weeks have been at running back, linebacker and at backup quarterback. Pro Football Focus reiterated the same thing in a recent article, however, their solutions were a little different, and quite a bit more interesting, than what we've been talking about.

First at linebacker, an obvious need, due to the fact that Thomas Howard, Manny Lawson and Rey Maualuga are all free agents, the folks over at PFF believe the Bengals could rectify the situation by signing former Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill.

Bengals sign player with off the field trouble - it's a familiar headline. This could be a scenario where Leroy Hill's off field troubles help the Bengals however, and allow them to upgrade the position while leaving their large amount of cap room relatively untouched. Off the field issues aside, Hill has been solid since entering the league, finishing each season since we began grading in 2008 with an overall positive grade.