Mark Trumbo, a 30-homer hitter, is by far the Angels' most coveted player in trade. They could solve some of their pitching issues if they would trade Trumbo.

However, the Angels are very reluctant to deal him.

Of all their players being talked about in trade, he's the one they most want to keep.

Erick Aybar, Howie Kendrick, Peter Bourjos and Chris Iannetta also are getting a fair number of trade inquiries. Trumbo is their big catch. But he's the one who would hurt most.

"He fits us," says an Angels-connected person.

Thing is, he fits a lot of folks. Trumbo hit 30 home runs in a pitcher's park, especially in the first couple of months of the season. No current free agent hit 30 hme runs (though Nelson Cruz was on pace to hit more before he accepted a 50-game Biogenesis ban).

The Marlins are one team that's mentioned their interest. But the list is long. The Orioles, Rockies, Rays, Astros, Brewers and Red Sox could all fit, as well, for a first baseman, and since Trumbo can play the outfield, the list is even longer.

But the Angels have a decision to make. Do they trade Trumbo to add a very good pitcher. Or do they trade one of the other players drawing interest?

It's still very possible they trade one of the others. If they deal Bourjos, they are trading from strength, as they have some good young outfielders with speed -- notably superstar Mike Trout but also J.B. Schuck, who won a lot of fans in southern California last year.