Of all the injuries suffered in Manu Ginobili’s 11 seasons with the Spurs, none was more painful than what he experienced Wednesday.

Dante Ginobili, one of the identical twin sons of Manu and Many Ginobili, suffered a fractured right arm in an accident at the family’s home.

Ginobili explained that Dante, two months shy of his third birthday, was climbing on a couch when he fell backwards.

“Nothing unusual for a 3-year-old kid,” he said, “but hard to take. It was tough to see him in such pain. He will get over it, and the doctors said it will be even stronger by the time he is 6 or 7, but at the time, it was very difficult to see him that way.”

Ginobili said he never had experienced a broken appendage until he suffered a fractured fifth metacarpal on his left hand last season.

For the record, both Dante and his identical twin brother, Nicola, are right-handed.

“You should have seen him trying to eat a chicken leg with his left hand,” Ginobili said. “It was pretty hilarious.”