Following a 6-1 loss against the Twins, some notes from the clubhouse:

• The Red Sox injury bug has arrived. With two closers – Andrew Bailey and Joel Hanrahan on the disabled list – Will Middlebrooks was undergoing a CT scan for pain on his right side. David Ross, with whom Middlebooks collided near the third base railing in the fifth inning, hoped Middlebrooks didn’t hurt his ribs.

The third baseman exited the game before the seventh while Ross couldn’t continue in the fifth inning as the area above the left knee started to swell making it difficult to squat. He suffered a left quad contusion and Ross was limping out of the clubhouse.

“Obviously I’m a little sore, but I think I just jammed the top of knee. The top of my kneecap’s pretty sore, some swelling in there. But if I wasn’t a catcher I think I’d be fine. But the squatting is a little sore. I couldn’t get up there in case a ball was in the dirt and stop it from going to the backstop or anything. So it was best Salty got in there. A tough night,” Ross said.

Asked how it happened, Ross said, “It happened so fast, I didn’t even watch the replay, everybody told me my shin guard as I hit the ground, kind of folded over and my knee hit the dirt pretty hard. So it was right on top of my knee. I don’t know. It was kind of funny. They said there was no real angle where you could actually see it. But probably just jammed it into the ground pretty hard. I might need to watch what I eat a little bit. There’s a lot of weight going down on these knees.”

Ross talked about how he hoped Middlebrooks wasn’t dealing with a rib cage issue.

“Ribs in this game, you throw, use your obliques for everything, you hit. I just hope it’s the same kind of thing, some kind of bruise. We’re a little banged up right now, kind of weathering this storm as far as the team goes. Just doing our best to get out there. The one thing you got to credit to everybody we go hard when we go out there and just try and play as hard as we can. That’s the MO of this team. So we’ll be fine. Get some rest, get healed up and get back out there as soon as we can,” Ross said.