For most NBA rookies, the first few weeks after they’re selected in the draft fly by, filled with press conferences, summer league games and settling into their new homes.

This year, however, there is one rookie who hasn’t had that experience.

“I would say kind of boring,” 76ers center Joel Embiid said with a shrug about what his last month has been like. “I couldn’t really do anything, so I was just in bed chilling … that’s basically how my month went.”

Embiid was speaking while resting his 7-foot frame on a pair of black crutches inside the Knicks practice facility Sunday during the league’s annual rookie photo shoot, wearing a blue No. 11 Sixers jersey and a large cast on his right foot painted green, red and yellow — the colors of the national flag of his native Cameroon.

That cast is the reason Embiid has been so bored for the past several weeks. Embiid underwent surgery less than a week before the draft to repair a broken navicular bone, leaving him mostly stuck in bed instead of out enjoying his status as the third overall pick in the draft with a bright future ahead.

But Embiid’s boredom has turned out to be the basketball world’s gain, as it has allowed the gregarious 20-year-old’s colorful personality to come out in his Twitter feed.