Unless you've been under a rock, you're keenly aware the Twins have added three likely pieces to the 2013 rotation. And unless you're some kind of Twins bobo (copyright Dan Barreiro), you've probably felt at least mixed emotions on these moves.

Vance Worley was a step in the right direction, as were Trevor May and Alex Meyer. May and Meyer bring the heat, and with it come copious strikeouts. Worley, on the other hand, is a moderate strikeouts, keep-it-in-the-ballpark kinda guy. As a cost-controlled chip, he's quite valuable.

And that's sort of where, at least in my view, the plan goes awry. Kevin Correia and Mike Pelfrey are basically the same pitchers the Twins would have targeted the past half dozen seasons. You guessed it: no strikeouts, shaky peripherals, and quite frankly not enough durability or ability to overcome any of it. Livan Hernandez, Ramon Ortiz, Sidney Ponson, and Jason Marquis all come to mind.

None of which is to say I'm expecting the Twins to go out and grab filet mignon; that's just not the Twins way, nor would it be smart. But one thing I've noticed on just about every single team which has gone late into the playoffs in recent history is this: most have some sort of 'chance' they took on a player that worked out excellently. Lance Berkman for the Cardinals. Ryan Vogelsong. Colby Lewis, among about a million other Rangers moves.