You don't often hear a player condense four seasons to "I was an idiot" in an interview. But then few players are like Richie Incognito. The toughest player on the Miami Dolphins is the toughest to explain as well.

Let's start here: Incognito anoints teammates with nicknames like Jonathan "Big Weirdo" Martin and Jeff "Dilbert" Adams. He led the "theft" of Josh Samuda's car then tweeted for everyone to help police "be on the lookout for a ratchet white Impala on some weak 24" rims."

Once back in St. Louis he dropped five gallons of cold water on a teammate sitting in the toilet stall just before practice. So he's the prankster the class clown the guy who keeps things light right?

"Well yeah but …" center Mike Pouncey says.

Incognito hasn't missed a practice in his four Dolphins years.

"He's dedicated'' Joe Philbin said.

And he was a Pro Bowl player in 2012.

"Finally'' he says.

So let's see. Funny. Dedicated. Talented. Just what you want right? But for years the label on Incognito was a label. "The Dirtiest Player In The League" he was voted by his peers.

When you're a guard when you have no statistic or highlight reel to change opinions – and when it's completely true – that label follows you for years like a tin can tied to a car.