Rolling Stone contributing editor Paul Solotaroff who wrote the magazine's investigative story on Aaron Hernandez with Herald columnist Ron Borges paints a rather unflattering picture of the Patriots brass.

While the most explosive details in the piece are Hernandez's use of angel dust his increasing paranoia and threats that the Patriots would cut the star tight end well before his arrest it also is at times scathing toward Patriots coach Bill Belichick whom Solotaroff calls largely responsible for Hernandez's care and owner Bob Kraft whom he labels in the following interview as "guilty by omission" at best.

A key detail reported in the article is that the Patriots' security team TeamOps no longer has the same connections to local law enforcement since the team replaced its security chief former Massachusetts State Police officer Frank Mendes with former Wembley Stadium security chief Mark Briggs in 2003. With Briggs at the helm the article contends the Patriots lost a broad network of eyes on players from local law enforcement.

"I'd have known within a half-hour if Hernandez had gotten in trouble with police" Mendes says in the article "and told Belichick and he'd do whatever."

Mendes's firing the article states was Belichick's call.

In an interview with Wednesday Solotaroff elaborated on some of these topics and others.