There is no need to panic. The Tigers need to breathe and think this one over before making a rash move to trade for a closer that is probably no better than what is already on staff.

The Tigers do need to find another option at closer (at least temporarily) because Bruce Rondon is not ready for that role right now and I doubt he will be ready by Opening Day. The man can throw missiles. The man simply cannot throw strikes and this high-octane team cannot go into the season with a major broken part. The Tigers without a closer is like driving around a Mercedes with no paint.

They know it and Plan B could be in the works. The Tigers have a nice chip to offer in starting pitcher Rick Porcello, but the names you hear as possible trade partners for the right-hander are underwhelming.

The Boston Red Sox have Andrew Bailey, who was injured most of 2012 and is even not that good when healthy. The upside is he is 28 years old and has had a couple nice seasons. Last season was not one of them. He needed reconstructive surgery on his thumb and might not pitch until after the All-Star break.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol recorded 114 saves over five seasons but lost his job because of control problems. Do you want him chucking balls all over the place at Comerica Park? He strikes out a lot of people, but he also puts a lot of people on base. Didn't you already go nuts about a guy like that named Jose Valverde?

By the way Valverde is still out there. Any takers? I didn't think so.