It's not an easy job to be the general manager of the Montreal Canadiens. The only jobs that might be tougher are being the goalie, or being the coach for the Habs. Luckily for Marc Bergevin, his charisma, nice smile, and pedigree within the hockey community have kept the media almost entirely on his side.

However there are a lot of fans, in particular on this site, who aren't enthused with the job he's doing. While a lot of this resentment is carried over from his underwhelming moves in the summer, specifically regarding unrestricted free agents. Personally I'm not too enthused about both Travis Moen and Brandon Prust getting 4 year deals, although I believe the Moen contract is a tradeable one if the Canadiens wish, and I was not happy about the signing of Francis Bouillon, who I don't believe is a very useful player at this stage.

That being said, all the focus goes onto those deals, ignoring some of the excellent moves Bergevin has made as GM.

For example take Lars Eller's contract for 2 years at $1.325M a year. You couldn't ask for better value there. Eller is a 15+ goal scorer and a defensive ace at 23, and likely a top 6 forward if the org ever gives him space to grow.

Another example would be the extension for Max Pacioretty, a 30 goal scorer and 60 point player last year who looks poised to hit those marks several more times and maybe even hit higher heights. What is he worth on the open market? Certainly a lot more than the 6 year $4.5M a year contract he agreed to.

But the point here isn't to go over every move Bergevin has made and tabulate a pros and cons list, the point is how he's handled the P.K. Subban contract.

Now looking at missing a second game in a shortened season, the ever persistent rumour is that Marc Bergevin, or the Canadiens organization overall, will not budge from a two year bridge contract. Subban has more than proven himself in the last two years, so why not go long term?