Joba Chamberlain's plan to throw breaking balls from flat ground tomorrow has been scrapped because he finished a bullpen session yesterday by throwing one curveball and five sliders from in front of the mound to a catcher standing up.

"Dr. Andrews, Larry [Rothschild] and [trainer] Stevie [Donohue] suggested I throw the slider because I had been throwing the fastball and you throw your slider off your fastball,'' Chamberlain said following the 30-pitch workout.

Throwing breaking balls was the latest positive step for Chamberlain, who is coming back from Tommy John surgery he had in June.

"We will do the same thing Monday, back off a little and do something light Wednesday and then on Friday throw sliders off the mound,'' Chamberlain said.

It usually takes 12 to 16 months to return from the surgery, but Chamberlain's steady progress has him believing it will be sooner.