At this writing Bill de Blasio is leading the New York City Democratic mayoral primary which makes him the favorite to succeed current mayor Michael Bloomberg. As you're no doubt aware this is mercifully not a venue for politics so here's the baseball hook: Mr. de Blasio -- again leading candidate for mayor of New York City -- is an admitted Red Sox fan.

This isn't a particularly recent revelation but given the this week's primaries it's now more of a consideration in light of de Blasio's surprising lead. Here's this from an August piece in the New York Times:

Bill de Blasio the city's public advocate and a leading Democratic contender for mayor has a confession: He is a Red Sox fan tried and true. He was raised in Cambridge Mass. becoming a devotee of the Red Sox at 6 and he is unabashed in his disdain for anything having to do with that team from the Bronx.

"I have my loyalty to the team of my youth" he said in an interview calling his tie to the Red Sox a "deep devotion."

Let it be noted that one of de Blasi's competitors Bill Thompson is of course wielding his Red Sox fandom against him. From the New York Daily News:

At a campaign stop at Yankee Stadium Thompson made light of de Blasio's Red Sox allegiance.

"Yankees win the World Series — does he go to the parade?" said Thompson. "He's going to have to answer to the public on these questions."