The truth hurts, and it was delivered yesterday not by Carmelo Anthony but by the Knicks’ youngest player, 22-year-old Iman Shumpert.

Shumpert branded the Knicks season a failure after Saturday’s heartbreaking, second-round KO in Indiana. The Knicks’ young swingman could almost taste South Beach and a matchup against the Heat and now he can only go there to vacation.

“I think we failed,’’ Shumpert said yesterday at the Knicks’ Tarrytown compound. “We failed to do what we were supposed to do. We know we were supposed to go farther and we didn’t. So it’s a fail.”

Asked where they needed to be for him to change his tune, Shumpert said, “At least to the Eastern Conference finals. I feel like we put ourselves in a position to do that, getting the second seed. It was set up for us to get to the Eastern Conference finals and then see what we could do from there.’’

Instead of preparing for a Game 7 last night at the Garden, the Knicks were having their exit meetings with coach Mike Woodson and general manager Glen Grunwald, who will face the music today in a state-of-the-franchise press conference.

One by one, the players filed into the facility’s press room, mostly to offer up a forecast of sunny skies. Except Shumpert, who drilled four 3-pointers in the frantic third quarter Saturday that looked to be the spark of a comeback victory. Shumpert bravely returned Jan. 17 from knee surgery to repair an ACL torn in the first game of the playoffs last April.

Shumpert, who is buddies with Anthony, may have been taking aim at J.R. Smith, whose playoff performance was disastrous.