Iman Shumpert still isn't where he was athletically before tearing his ACL a year ago, but he's moving as well as he has since then.
Shumpert played a big role as the Knicks erased a 20-point second-half deficit before falling to Boston, 97-90, in overtime Sunday.
The second-year swingman had 12 points, 12 rebounds, two blocks and two steals, putting up most of those numbers after halftime of Game 4.
"I'm not really thinking about my knee," he said. "We've just got to win games. I've got the whole summer to work on things, to get myself to where I want to be individually, athletically. But right now, with what we've got and how my knee feels, it's good enough to play and I've got to go out there and make plays."
Shumpert, who tore his ACL in Game 1 of last year's first-round playoff series in Miami, scored all 12 of his points after halftime. He had a steal and fast-break layup to tie it at 74 with 7:16 left in the fourth and drilled a big corner three with the Knicks down five and the four-minute mark approaching.
Shumpert credited his rebounding numbers to watching video and figuring out different ways he can help the Knicks. He said he watched a lot of video of Paul Pierce, too.
"Last year, I feel like he cooked me," Shumpert said. "He cooked me last year in the two games I played against him. I had all summer and all year to study all the guys that really gave me problems, and he was one of them."