Jarome Iginla could have made a nice living as an enforcer.That has long been the contention of Craig Berube, former tough-guy of the Calgary Flames. In his mind, Iginla possessed enough of the requisites — the stones, the strength, the appetite — to operate as a thug in the National Hockey League.

And, more than once, it did cross Iginla's mind that goal-scoring might not be his ticket to steady employment.

"You're trying to figure out what role you're going to have," says the Flames captain. "You start to just be thankful you're in the NHL and (thinking), 'Are you going to be able to score any goals here?' I remember thinking, 'Maybe I'm going to be more of a role (player) with some fighting.' But you don't know. You don't know. You're trying to make your way in. You're trying to find any way to make the team, to stay on the team.

"I can still remember that day, thinking that. Fortunately, things turned around."