The 2014 NFL Draft won't be the first time the Houston Texans have held the No. 1 overall pick. The team also held the top pick in 2002 and '06 -- and in one of those years, the Texans had the same dilemma that they have this year: Should they go with a quarterback or defensive end at No. 1?

In 2002, the expansion Texans went quarterback and selected Fresno State's David Carr over North Carolina's Julius Peppers with the top overall pick.

Houston didn't coddle Carr either -- he was thrown to the fire right away and started for the Texans in Week 1.

If the Texans go with a quarterback at No. 1 on May 8, don't look for the rookie to start in Week 1 again. Owner Bob McNair told the Houston Chronicle this week that he learned from the team's experience with Carr.

"I think the main thing I look back on is that we should have had a veteran quarterback in there," McNair said. "We should have let him start the season and let David learn what it takes to be an NFL quarterback."

Instead, Carr started all 16 games for a Texans team that went 4-12, although McNair doesn't completely blame Carr for the Texans struggles.