There has been a lot of speculation by the local media the last few weeks that if Ron Washington were to make Michael Young a part time player that he would lose the clubhouse and the team would win less games than they would if he kept running Young out there everyday. Is there any evidence whatsoever that that would happen?

Rick Gosselin: I know the value of Michael Young in that clubhouse. He's a stand up guy who holds himself and others accountable. But it's Washington's responsibility as a manager to give the Rangers their best opportunity to win a world championship. If it means sitting Michael Young, who has been suffering through a season-long power outage, then so be it. These players have a respect for Young, but they also have a burning desire to finally win a World Series. His bat hasn't crippled the Rangers to this point. The Rangers still have the best record in the American League with him in the lineup. And that's what Washington can point to in his defense of Young. But as the games get bigger and the opposing pitchers get better, Washington will have a tough call to make. And he has to make it. He has a loyalty to his players -- but he should have an even stronger loyalty to his bosses. The franchise goal is to win a World Series. If Washington can improve those chances by sitting Young, then it's a call he must make. But I don't think we're anywhere near that point in the season -- or post-season -- yet.