My talking about coaching replacements, well, let's say it hasn't been good for the guy behind the bench. Last time I wrote about this it was Scott Gordon, who was summarily fired a few days later. At the time, it was meant to show that the replacements for GoGo were few and far between, translating to him staying on as coach at least until the end of the season. Whoops.

With that being said and with the topic of this article, let's make a few things clear. I am not advocating for Jack Capuano to be fired. I am simply putting forth names of those who might replace him if he is fired. I like Capuano (For some personal reasons, I know. I'm not a journalist. I don't need to be objective.) and I want him to be coach of the Islanders. I must state this again: I am not advocating that Jack Capuano be fired.

Second, in the comments please focus on topic -- on possible replacements. We already have plenty other articles and will have plenty more where you can vent your frustration with lineup and tactical moves by the Isles coaching staff.

OK, with that cleared up, we need to take a look at a few things that will affect who a replacement can be and what Charles Wang's hiring history is.