Whenever fans talk about approaches their team could have taken in an offseason, it's always scenarios that would make them better next season or just as good but with different players acquired.

So for the sake of being different let's think of an approach the Blue Jays could have taken this offseason to take a step back.

At the end of the 2012 season, even the most optimistic Toronto Blue Jays fan couldn't be blamed for thinking the Blue Jays weren't going to be ready to contend in 2013. The Blue Jays finished the 2012 season with just 73 wins with a very thin and non-threatening rotation with no left fielder or 2nd basemen.

Throw in the fact that free agents just aren't coming to Toronto and that you usually need to trade a lot of prospects or players for just one great player, and it just looked like the Blue Jays had too many holes to fill in one offseason to be ready to contend in 2013.

Until the Blue Jays found a Miami Marlins fire sale. The Blue Jays acquired enough talent in that one trade to make them look like a team that could contend.

The funny thing is that the Miami Marlins won 69 games in 2012, just 4 less than the Blue Jays. Like the Blue Jays they looked like a team that had too many holes to fill in just one offseason to be able to contend in 2013.

Obviously the Blue Jays and Marlins took different approaches to their offseason. The Blue Jays decided they were going to add payroll to make their 2013 team better. The Marlins decided they had too many holes to fill so they'd be better off dumping salary and rebuilding. Even if the players they were trading weren't great enough to get a big enough ransom to contend soon.