If Kyrie Irving is cleared medically to return prior to the end of the season, coach Byron Scott indicated he will allow Irving to return to the court for the Cavaliers’ final few games this season.

Irving has missed two weeks with a shoulder injury that was expected to take three to four weeks to heal. Scott said Irving got some shots up near the end of practice on Monday, but still hasn’t been cleared to return. If and when that happens, coach and player will have a conversation about what he wants to do. Then there remains a decent chance Scott will allow him to return to the court.

“I don’t care if there’s one game left in the season and you’ve won three, it’s still all about the competition and trying to win basketball games,” Scott said. “You’ve got to take a stand in there somewhere in just your love for the game. My man Herm [Edwards] said it best, you play to win the game, period. I don’t care how many games are left.”

The Cavs have 13 games remaining, beginning with Wednesday’s game against the Boston Celtics. If Irving misses another two weeks, the Cavs would still have six games left.