Serge Ibaka knocked down one mid-range jumper, then another, instilling in the Spurs an awful sense of déjà vu.

The Oklahoma City big man made his first seven field goals in what became a 107-93 Thunder victory at Chesapeake Arena on Monday night, his first miss coming on a 23-footer at the halftime horn.

By then, Spurs point guard Tony Parker was certain he was watching a re-run from last June.

"It looked like he was having one of those games," Parker said. "He was knocking down shots."

Ibaka didn't finish 11-for-11, as he did in Game 4 of last season's Western Conference finals.

But his 25 points — on 10 of 16 shooting — combined with 17 rebounds and three blocks helped OKC win its 11th game in a row in resounding fashion.

Ibaka benefitted from a Spurs plan determined not to let Kevin Durant (19 points) and Russell Westbrook (22) detonate.

Given a do-over, Parker said, the Spurs would probably still dare Ibaka to keep shooting jumpers.

"That's the shot we're going to give up," Parker said. "We don't want Durant to have 40 or Westbrook going off. If both those guys play well, they usually win. If Ibaka's going to knock down shots like that, we can't stop everything."