When Torii Hunter signed with the Tigers in mid-November there was some thought in the 38-year-old outfielder's mind that this would be it. He'd play out the two years in his contract which pays him $26 million and then call it a career after 18 seasons.

Not anymore.

Asked Friday prior to his team's American League Championship Series workout at Fenway Park if he plans on retiring after the 2014 season Hunter said: "Nope. I think I'm going to play five more years. I'm 28 man!"

The last part was a joke and the media contingent laughed but Hunter wants to stay with the Tigers a little longer and is certain that next season won't be his last in the big leagues.

"No it won't be. It won't be" Hunter said. "I want to play past that contract."

And why not? In many ways Hunter has defied the aging process. Over the last four years he's averaged 148 games while transitioning into an above-average defensive right fielder. And over his last two years he's had arguably his best offensive seasons while settling into the No. 2 spot for the Angels and Tigers sporting a combined .308/.349/.459 slash line.