It was a snowy night in February, and the Maple Leafs roared into the home of a divisional opponent and blew the enemy away, putting up a bunch of goals with James Reimer registering an impressive shutout.
No, we’re not talking about his weekend and the Massacre in Montreal.
This was last February — Feb. 4 to be precise. And the Leafs, then coached by Ron Wilson, strolled into Ottawa’s home rink and hammered the Senators 5-0.
The Obliteration in Ottawa.
Who knew that would be the high point of the season?
Twelve games and 10 losses later, Wilson was gone, replaced by Randy Carlyle. After that Bytown romp, the Leafs won only eight more games the rest of the way, turning a fight for a playoff berth into a lost cause.
A year and five days later, the Leafs delivered a similar beating to the Montreal Canadiens on Saturday night, trashing the Habs by a 6-0 count and bashing them around the Bell Centre for good measure.
With seven wins in 12 games to open this shortened season, the Leafs are doing better than most expected, particularly on the road.
But which direction will the Leafs head in after this impressive display? Downwards, like last year after the Ottawa win?
Or was this a true measure of the quality of this year’s Leaf squad?