Forget the talk about the Cubs being one pitch away, how if you added some big hits and subtracted a few bullpen meltdowns they might be several games over .500 instead of buried in last place.

Jed Hoyer grew up in New Hampshire, graduated from the same school as Bill Belichick (Wesleyan University in Connecticut) and worked for the Boston Red Sox during two World Series years.

Just listen to the quote the Cubs general manager likes to borrow from NFL wiseguy Bill Parcells: “You are what your record says you are.”

Before Monday’s 9-2 victory over the Texas Rangers at Wrigley Field, reporters surrounded Hoyer and asked him whether a $52 million pitcher would get bounced from the rotation (Edwin Jackson), why the franchise’s all-time leader in relief appearances still gets into games (Carlos Marmol) and if Ian Stewart went AWOL.

Other than that, the 12-20 Cubs have seen 26 of their 32 games decided by three runs or less, with more than half of their losses (12) coming by two runs or less.

“Looking at every individual baseball game is like checking your stock portfolio every day,” Hoyer said. “It’s going to go up and down and up and down.