Detroit goaltender Jimmy Howard had another fine game Sunday, stopping 35 shots in the Red Wings' 2-1 loss to the Sharks. But the question everyone wanted answered after the game was what he thought about the weather.

As in the snow showers the Sharks kept giving him after the whistle blows.

Joe Pavelski got him in Game 1, leading to a confrontation that led to roughing penalties for both of them. And Sunday, Pavelski, Logan Couture and Joe Thornton were among the Sharks doing it again.

Howard took enough exception to give Thornton a whack to the ankle with his stick.

"They're trying to get under my skin, and I know that," Howard said. "But I'm not going to let them."

So does he think the Sharks are doing it on purpose?

"I would think so," he added. "But, whatever."

Sharks coach Todd McLellan said he had "no time for gimmicks." Yet he quickly added that his team better continue to go hard to the net.

"If our players are doing that, they're going to hear from me first," he said, referring to intentional snow showers.

"But they're going to hear from me even more when they don't go to the net and stop on a loose puck."

Red Wings captain Nicklas Lidstrom said they complained to the referees several times during Sunday's game about the snow showers without any effect.