Vince Carter's days appear numbered with the Phoenix Suns.

He'll likely be playing for another team when the lockout ends and basketball resumes next season.

The Arizona Republic reports that Phoenix is expected to buy out Carter's remaining year for $4 million instead of trying to move his final year on another team. Carter then will be a free agent in a dramatically different NBA free agency landscape following the restructuring of the collective bargaining agreement, but still should get an offer from some team.

How about the Spurs?

Carter turned 34 in January and likely is pining for a shot at playing for a championship team. He has never played on a team that has advanced past the conference final in his NBA career.

His interest in sharing the ball and playing defense has never been that strong, but maybe playing around a team with such a strong collective work ethic as Gregg Popovich's team would rub off on him.