Evaluating Marcus Smart’s draft stock has NBA executives split in the aftermath of the guard’s actions Saturday.

The Oklahoma State star shoved a vocal Texas Tech fan in the chest with two hands late in a 65-61 road loss on Saturday night. A Texas Tech official told The Oklahoman that as the 19-year-old sophomore was being led to the locker room after the shoving incident, he continuously repeated that the fan called him the "N-word."

DraftExpress.com currently ranks Smart as the sixth-best prospect in this year's NBA Draft.

"His stock is going to take a hit," one NBA general manager told Yahoo Sports. "He has shown in the past few months that he is prone to outbursts. He kicked a chair (against West Virginia). He's under a lot of pressure. The team is not doing well, struggling.

"Fans say things in the NBA every day. He has a history of letting people get under his skin. The NBA fans will test him."

Said an NBA assistant general manager: "Unfortunately for Smart, there is going to be a fallout after this. His reputation has taken a hit. That is all people and the media are going to want to talk about with him before and after the draft. Some teams won't want to deal with that."