Asked about Ty Lawson's season Tuesday, Denver Nuggets head coach George Karl paused for two seconds before responding.

"It depends when you're asking me that question," Karl said. "Now, I think he's great. I was ready to strangle him about six weeks ago."

Six weeks ago, Lawson was averaging 13.6 points per game, shooting 40.8 percent from the field, 30.8 percent on three-pointers and 69.2 percent on free throws. At the time, the Nuggets were 17-15 with a brutal schedule that saw them play 22 of their first 32 games on the road.

Lawson had a scoreless night in mid-November, shooting 0-for-7 against Miami. In early December he scored two points on 1-for-10 shooting in Indiana. To close out 2012, he scored three points and made only one of his seven attempts in Memphis. Before the new year, Lawson had numerous late-game blunders and made just 36.3 percent of his fourth-quarter shot attempts.