It's been an interesting season thus far but it feels like we're hitting somewhat of a pre-holiday lull. Looking for something special to buy your loved one? Look no further than this 2500 page book! I'm telling you, it's a steal. I bought it for my aunt. She hasn't put it down! She actually got a divorce because she was so excited about this book.

Here's the chapter list!

How To Talk About The Sixers And Not Mention Andrew Bynum:

-- Refer to Andrew Bynum as Alastor Sheepdog. With context clues, they should get it.

-- Dazzle your audience with the spelling of "J-R-U-E"

-- Every time you want to say Bynum's name, just propel yourself into a cinder block wall .

-- "Hey that Spencer Hawes sure is Republican, ain't he?"