As the baseball season draws ever so close, and we start to survey the land of the new 5 team AL West I thought it seemed appropriate to begin taking a look at the teams side by side in various categories. Typically a series like this would look at general things like pitching staff, lineup, defense, but I plan to examine the teams in various specific categories to see who truly has the best roster in the division.

The first category up for consideration will be each team's projected Opening Day starter. In most cases the pitcher given the honor of starting the first game is the leader of the pitching staff, and the most accomplished on that team. A team's success often begins and ends with the top of their starting rotation.

1. Felix Hernandez, Seattle Mariners: I'm really getting tired of the A's facing King Felix to open every single season. But this ranking doesn't just reflect that. Felix is among the best of the best in the game today, has been for 8 years, and he's just 26 years old. He's on a path straight to Cooperstown, and he's still just getting started. I really wish the Mariners would trade him finally, but sadly that probably won't happen anytime soon.