Michael Vick wants back into the NFL, but is there a team out there willing to take a chance on a 34-year-old quarterback (soon to be 35), who is best known for his legs rather than his passing ability?

Well, if a team does give Vick a chance to extend his career, gets enamored with him enough to hand him a roster spot in September, and then decides it wants Vick to play a role in its future, it'll rest easy knowing Vick won't want to retire at the end of the 2015 regular season.

Not only does Vick want to play this upcoming season, he apparently also wants to keep on playing in 2016 and 2017.

Former NFL wide receiver Chris Chambers, whose training facility is hosting Vick's comeback bid, told the Miami Herald that after struggling with the decision to come back all together, Vick has decided he wants back in for the long term.

"He didn't know if he wanted to play football again," Chambers said. "There was a lot of political stuff with him and Geno Smith with the Jets last year. Last two weeks, he has done phenomenal. There are several teams that want him. He wanted to be on a winning team. He wants to play three years. Eventually, he wants to start again."