Mike Trout and the Los Angeles Angels agreed to a one-year, $1 million contract on Wednesday. A million dollars is a lot of money, but the rate seems borderline criminal when you consider that the Angels will spend some $145 million on Trout’s teammates and no three of them combined have been as valuable as Trout over the past two seasons.

But Trout’s salary is actually generous on the part of the Angels, who aren’t obligated to pay Trout any more than the league minimum. Trout’s is actually the largest deal ever for a player in his career situation. And he’ll likely wind up earning more than his now better-paid peers in other sports whenever he ultimately signs a guaranteed long-term contract in a league with no salary cap.

For now, Trout’s salary remains puny compared to his on-field production, since he’s the best all-around player in the sport. And he’ll actually make less playing it this year than Alex Rodriguez will while serving his suspension.

Check this out: A-Rod’s 162-game suspension is unpaid, helping the Yankees off the hook for most of the $25 million they owed him for 2014. But since A-Rod’s contract pays him for the 183-day regular season and he’s only suspended for the 162 games, he will still make $2.9 million for his off-days.