Somewhere, Kevin Durant is laughing. And laughing. And probably laughing some more.

Russell Westbrook turned in the first 50-point triple-double in NBA playoff history on Tuesday. Along the way, he cost his Oklahoma City Thunder any shot of knocking off the Houston Rockets.

For the first 24 minutes, the Thunder and Westbrook were at their very best. He had 22 points, eight rebounds and, best of all, 10 assists as Oklahoma City claimed a 68-62 lead at halftime. Truly, things were looking up for a Thunder team that looked outclassed in Game 1.

Then the game got tight in the second half, and Westbrook’s worst instincts got the best of him.

It was the darkest-timeline version of Westbrook, as he ignored open teammates and drove headlong into Houston defenders, begging for foul calls or for the basketball gods to answer the prayers he kept chucking toward the rim.