We’ll continue the countdown with what is one of the most-asked questions about this season — how many carries will Christine Michael get this season?

It’s a topic that has a couple of different components — specifically, how much can the Seahawks still lean on Marshawn Lynch? And is Michael ready for a bigger role if the team needs it?

I wrote in April about what a big off-season this would be for Michael, who is entering his second year with the Seahawks after being the team’s first pick in the 2013 draft (in the second round).

So far, so good on that front as Michael (above in a photo from last season) drew consistent praise from the coaches during the spring for his conditioning, increased knowledge of the playbook, better pass blocking and overall maturity.

Former Seahawk Michael Robinson had some interesting comments on Michael when he spoke to local reports last month, saying that Michael needed a year to grow up overall, and to specifically become a better pass blocker.

“In this league, defenses are too good, coaches are too smart, for you to be able to be a one-trick pony,” Robinson said.

Michael still has some proving to do on the field — which isn’t to say there is any doubt about what he can do, just that you don’t start planning to take carries away from Marshawn Lynch until you know for sure what you have.

Michael, though, figures to get a lot of work in the preseason to show he’s ready as coach Pete Carroll has already said not to expect to see much of Lynch on the field until the regular season. That means to also expect a lot of Robert Turbin, Derrick Coleman and Spencer Ware, as well (and it’s probably hasty to completely discount Turbin in this conversation — recall how enthusiastic Carroll was about his play in the spring, noting that Turbin had battled a knee issue last season that has since been repaired).

Michael proving he’s ready is one part of the equation.

The other is Lynch.