ulius Randle is a 6-9, 250 lb. power forward from the University of Kentucky. He's averaging 16.7 points and 10.6 rebounds per game, a double-double, on 55 percent shooting.... as a freshman.

That sounds pretty good right? It seemed pretty good early on, when Randle leaped to the top three picks in most mock drafts and big boards. But since then, the buzz has cooled on Kentucky's beast inside. The criticisms are varied, and we'll discuss them. But the reasons are pretty predictable.

1. It's the middle of the season and many great players go throug slumps at this point in the slog of conference season.

2. This class is being hyper-analyzed to a degree that no matter how good the players are, flaws will be found, extrapolated, and magnified.

3. He's not perfect, like any player he has strengths and weaknesses.

4. The internet.

5. He's a freshman.

One of the best pieces of sustained criticismon Randle has been Jonathan Tjarks' takedown of his NBA prospects due to his short wingspan.

Randle is built like a Tyrannosaurus Rex: all torso and no arms. He has a 6-11 wingspan, per Draft Express, which is enormous in most contexts, but not the super-sized world of the NBA paint. When matched up against the best power forwards in the world, hes going to have a significant length disadvantage, a problem that could impact his game on both sides of the ball.