The next time a player under contract holds out from training camp, preseason or whatever, take a moment before denouncing the malcontent with, “But he’s got a contract!”

And think of Earl Bennett.

Brian Urlacher raised a point a few offseasons ago when he was back-and-forth’ing with the Bears over what would end up being a very nice contract extension, the one that ran through 2012 paying him $8 million. Urlacher had brought up the same point when criticism was flowing toward Lance Briggs during the latter’s own contract taffy pull with the Bears.

Urlacher’s point, for those who railed against a player with a contract holding out: Nobody thinks twice about raising the same ruckus toward a team that threatens to cut a player if he won’t agree to a pay cut. When is the last time a player like Bennett, who had a respectable 32 catches and 4 touchdowns (more on his 32 than Matt Forte (3) had from his 74 catches), was cut and someone challenged, “But he has a contract?”

Bennett was something of a “victim” here. He was a starting wideout, then the Bears traded for Brandon Marshall drafted Alshon Jeffery and free-agent’ed Martellus Bennett. Earl was the same dependable guy but suddenly the $2.45 million they’d agreed on was too much?