On this, the first full day of spring training, Detroit Tigers manager Jim Leyland had to adjust.

He decided the hitters won’t hit outside because the fields are damp. It also appeared more rain could come at any time from the low clouds over Joker Marchant Stadium.

“We always have a ‘B’ plan,” Leyland said at 8:15 this morning, sitting at his clubhouse desk in full uniform, ready to go for the first workout of spring training with the hitters joining the pitchers and catchers.

“The pitchers will be throwing out there, providing we don’t get more rain,” Leyland said, referring to the side-by-side outdoor mounds. “We’ll have to hit in the indoor cages because the ball will be too wet (outside).”

Those are the indoor cages at Marchant Stadium, on the big-league side of the training complex. Leyland also was putting into use the indoor cages on the minor league side.

“We’re also going to have a couple of stations over there in the minor league cages for pitchouts, and also signs with Brooky, being the new third-base coach,” Leyland said.

That’s Tom Brookens, who takes over as the third-base coach from Gene Lamont, who becomes the bench coach.

“This is a good test for all of us,” Leyland said of the day’s rain-altered schedule. “Don’t get excited. Don’t let little things disrupt you and ruin your day.

“This is a good test for us right off the bat. We can’t do anything about the weather, but we’re still going to get quite a bit accomplished today, so that’s a good thing.”