Because Chris Paul is so good at all of the other aspects of playing basketball, and so extraordinarily unselfish, we often overlook something about him: he's a terrific scorer. We don't think of him as a scorer mostly because he doesn't shoot enough to be thought of that way, but he did average almost 20 points per game last season, and averaged almost 23 points per game in 2008-2009 with New Orleans.

What's amazing about Paul is that he manages to score in such an efficient manner, which is much more difficult for a guard than it is for a center. Paul's career true shooting percentage (TSP, which takes into account three pointers and free throws for a more complete measure of scoring efficiency) is an outstanding .573 and he was even better than that in his first season in L.A. at .581. Compare that to some of the players who are considered his closest rivals for best point guard in the NBA like Deron Williams and Derrick Rose: Williams' career TSP is .556, Rose's is .534.

People don't generally think of Paul as being an outstanding three point shooter, yet he's at 36 percent for his career and close to 39 percent over the last three seasons. He may very well be the best three point shooter on the Clippers this season.