You love her. Everything about her makes you smile.

No other woman's hips sway so gently when she walks down the street. No other woman's hair shimmers like her long, blond tresses shine in the light of the waxing moon. And when she smiles, your heart skips a beat because you know she's smiling just for you.

You love her. Life is good.

But then one day you find her in bed with your best friend, and all the good things you felt are gone in one puff of dirty smoke.

You hate her, and you wonder how life got this bad.

And so it is with our baseball heroes who pitch, hit, field and throw for us one day, but are in bed with the enemy the next.

We know the arguments.

Baseball is a business, and a favorite player going to a new team is the same stark reality faced by our grandfathers and our fathers before us. And it's not always a player's fault. Maybe he didn't ask to be traded. Maybe he tried just as hard when he was ours, but had a better supporting cast on his new team. Maybe he just matured a little, figured things out.

Indeed, we can listen to all the rational arguments to the contrary, but why should we? We're baseball fans, and that means we don't have to be rational about anything!