Jeremy Lin got his money. Last night at the Garden he got the last word on the Knicks. No, not the word "Linsanity." The word "blowout."

After the Rockets' 109-96 victory over the Knicks was in the books, Lin made it clear he has moved on in every way possible.

Asked by The Post if he felt last night's effort was an extension of last season's 35-game Halley's Comet run with the Knicks, Lin smiled and said, "Not really. I'm in a very different place now. My mindset is very different as well. I've moved on. They've moved on. We have good memories but at the same time we're all in a different place now.''

Lin has moved on but the Garden still brings out the best in him. He came into the game averaging 10.8 points, but had 16 at the half and 22 for the game, along with eight assists. He got more touches in the Rockets' offense on this night and that made all the difference.

Lin drove hard to the hoop and was hammered by Tyson Chandler.

"He hit me hard, but I still kept coming,'' Lin said. "It was fun.''

For all the Knicks' success this season, Lin showed he is missed.

For the first time this season, the basketball Mecca brought out the worst in the Carmelo Anthony-less Knicks after 10 straight victories at home, and this seemed like 10 losses rolled into one. This was a nightmare in every way for the Knicks, who were crushed by the Rockets last month in Houston. The veteran Knicks just couldn't keep pace with the youthful Rockets as they spaced the floor and drove to the hoop.

Other teams could learn from the way the Rockets attack the Knicks.

Lin had center stage all to himself because Anthony sat out again with a sprained ankle and the former Knicks guard made the most of it. When Lin exited with 2:25 remaining, the crowd cheered in what seemed like a Rockets home game from the start. During introductions, the crowd gave Lin a standing ovation. On this night the Knicks gave their fans nothing to cheer about, except for rookie Chris Copeland's 29 second-half points.