This is probably the most excitement that Charlie Sheen has had in a long time. The actor is claiming that he’s on his way to Game 7 of the World Series.

Cleveland Indians fans were asking for Charlie Sheen to throw out the first pitch and if the league were smart, they would’ve jumped on that idea because it screamed marketing jackpot. They quickly dismissed it but now, Charlie Sheen has somehow managed to get his hands on a ticket to Game 7 and it’s all thanks to local business owners.

A source close to Sheen tells us 2 local business owners are doing what neither the team nor the league could … get the ‘Wild Thing’ to the game. We’re told Sheen’s taking his private jet to Cleveland this afternoon, and he’s got a full day of activities in the CLE ahead of him.

Our source tells us Sheen’s been given tickets to the game, and his benefactors are hoping to get him a prime seat, just a few rows behind the Indians dugout. Translation: TV face time.

We’re also told there are plans to have Charlie meet with some of the Cleveland Cavaliers — since they’ve actually won a championship already.