After three consecutive summers shortened because of runs to the Stanley Cup Finals, Marian Hossa is making the most of his time off.

The winger has been relaxing and training in Slovakia ever since the Canucks bounced the Blackhawks from the playoffs in the opening round in late April.

"I'm not used to it," Hossa said during the Blackhawks Convention at Hilton Chicago. "Usually it's two months and I'm back to hockey. Finally, I have time to prepare longer with a summer program. It's nice to have after three years."

Appearances with the Penguins, Red Wings and Hawks made Hossa the first NHL player to play in three Finals in a row with three different teams. They also stripped him of recuperation and preparation time needed to remain healthy and productive during the season.

"Over the last few summers you don't have as much time to work out and get the body ready for the new season," Hossa said. "Now we have longer rest and preparation and I think the body is going to feel it."

After missing 17 games with injuries last season, Hossa hopes to parlay the long summer into an injury-free 2011-12 season.