Homer Bailey (26) is entering his second of three arbitration years. He is eligible to become a free agent after the 2014 season. Homer has submitted a 2013 salary proposal to the arbitrator for $5.8 million and the club has filed for $4.75 million. Either way, the 2004 first-round draft pick from Texas is set to receive a big raise, having made $2.4 million last year. Pitching a no-hitter can't hurt. Arbitration hearings are scheduled between Feb. 4-20 and the arbitrator chooses one of the two amounts and that's a binding decision.

Frequently, clubs reach agreement with players in the period between filing and the hearing. Once the two numbers are set it's pretty easy to find the mid-point. Agreements also avoid what can be an unpleasant experience as the clubs generally present evidence as to why the player has less value than he thinks. The Reds haven't gone to an arbitration hearing since 2004.

Mark Sheldon had a chance to talk with Homer Bailey in Hamilton at the caravan stop this weekend. They discussed the pitcher's contract status, both short term and longer. It sounds like both Homer and GM Walt Jocketty expect to reach an agreement on 2013, possibly this week.