Was the long home run the biggest?

Or was the two-run shot by Tigers left fielder Nick Castellanos in the fifth inning Monday — before Miguel Cabrera's gargantuan three-run blast to left in a 10-1 victory over the Phillies — more important?

It can be argued both ways.

All home runs by Cabrera are important in their own right because they serve as reminders of how quickly he can put runs on the board with one swing.

This particular blast was impressive for two reasons: It traveled 450 feet, caroming off the back of a tiki bar in deep left, and was hit off an established, often outstanding reliever in Jonathan Papelbon.

That's who Castellanos hit his opposite-field blast off of, as well.

"I didn't want to stick around for his off-speed stuff," Castellanos said. "I told myself, 'He's a closer, I'm going to get a fastball. When you get it, hit it.'"

When it comes to a home run helping a player's chances of getting a longer look, however, there's not even a question of which of the two should be ranked first.

Cabrera's chances, of course, need no such help. He's merely tuning up for the season. (Cabrera said he was merely trying to elevate the ball to avoid hitting into a double play.)