Perhaps you were asking yourself: What's Prince Fielder doing in this Home Run Derby?

OK, so you probably weren't asking yourself anything remotely like that. We're talking, after all, about a two-time Home Run Derby champ, about the only man to win a Derby as a representative of each league, about the guy who won last year's Derby.

So come to think of it, it's pretty clear what the Prince is doing in Monday night's 28th edition of the All-Star Home Run Derby.

But you know what? Whether you were asking that question or not, we're going to answer it anyhow. If there were no such thing as the Home Run Derby, we'd have to create one -- just for humans like Prince who can do stuff like, well, this.

That, says ESPN's Home Run Tracker, is what a 460-foot home run looks like.


Even if you closed your eyes and just listened to the voice of the Tigers, Mario Impemba, describe it -- with words such as "thunderbolt" and "monster" and the awesomely evocative phrase, "Oh, he killed it" -- you could tell this was something special to see.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why the Home Run Derby exists. It doesn't mean anything. It doesn't "count" for anything. But who cares? Stuff will happen, before your eyes, that fits under the category: Something Special to See.

And isn't that what we love about baseball the most -- the chance to see something that will rattle around our memory banks for weeks, or months, or maybe even decades?