Lionel Hollins isn’t quietly exiting the stage in Memphis.

Hollins, who at least for now is the head coach of the Grizzlies, though he’s expected to at least meet with the Nets and Clippers about their respective coaching vacancies, was given permission to speak with other teams Sunday after contract talks broke down between the two sides.

The 59-year-old coach, who is under contract with the Grizzlies until June 30 and has expressed a desire to return next season multiple times since the season ended, went on a Memphis radio station yesterday and expressed his confusion about how things have played out.

“I thought everything was good,” Hollins said in the interview, according to the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “I was excited when I left. ... The next thing I know, I’ve been given permission to talk to other teams.

“People need to know from my perspective that I don’t want to talk to any other teams. I want to be here. I told the media after our exit interviews that, if the team offered me a contract that I felt was fair, I’d sign it the next day.”

It appears such an offer never came, however, prompting the Grizzlies to inform Hollins’ agent, Warren LeGarie, he can speak to other teams interested in hiring him.

It clearly wasn’t what Hollins expected or wanted. He wanted to continue in Memphis, where he has been the coach since he replaced Mike Iavaroni back in 2009. He led Memphis to an improved winning percentage in each of his four full seasons at the helm.

“I want to coach the Memphis Grizzlies, the team that the city has embraced and that has the potential to go further with a few tweaks and adjustments,” Hollins said.