Cardinals left fielder Matt Holilday engaged in an arduous session of pregame running Sunday.

First, under the watchful eye of head athletic trainer Greg Hauck and strength coach Pete Prinzi, Holliday lined up in a three-point stance and did a series of sprints. Then, he ran hard from the batter's box to first base. And then he went hard from home to first, turned the corner and went just as hard to second.

After Sunday's game, Holliday, who has been disabled by a left quadriceps injury that has bothered him for most of a month, said he was ready to play if there was a game today.

There isn't, but Holliday, Hauck and Prinzi will be at Nationals Park in Washington working out. Holliday can come off the DL on Thursday for the final game of the series with the Nationals and he said, "I have full confidence I'll be ready to play Thursday. Hopefully, I can stay healthy (he also has had an appendectomy) the rest of the year. Plenty of games left."