You've heard of the calm before the storm — how about the calm in the midst of the storm?

While everyone around the Blues was losing their religion last week, Ken Hitchcock was feeling it. The situation is what he is here for, it’s why he makes a living coaching.

With a stupefying 4-1 loss to the Los Angeles Kings last Monday, the Blues completed a four-game home stand without a win and without a clue. They were stuck in a five-game skid in which they allowed 26 goals, an average of more than five per.

With the exception of a shootout, they didn’t just lose — they got clobbered.

Goaltending was a contributing factor. At its best, goaltending caulks cracks in your game. Otherwise, it exposes them. A team that captured 109 points last season suddenly looked like so many Blues teams before it, so many regrettable teams.

“When you’re a player and your career is over, the only things you regret are those times, or those teams you played on, that were good enough to do something and you didn’t,” former Blues forward Kelly Chase said. “There were a few of those I played on in St. Louis, where we had a chance to do something and we didn’t.”