Apathy finally claimed the Pistons with their latest coaching search.

Joe Dumars spun the revolving door one more time, and it spit out Maurice Cheeks. The Pistons announced the hire Monday night.

There’s nothing about Cheeks that excites. There’s nothing about Cheeks that irritates. There’s nothing about Cheeks that draws even a casual shrug.

There’s just nothing.

It’s not the man’s fault.

The Pistons have fallen so far off the public radar that few care deeply right now about what direction they’re headed in or even who’s steering the ship. When you’ve gone through as many coaches as they have the last 10 years (Cheeks is the seventh), it’s already understood there are no panaceas available on the open market.

The hot assistants looking for that first job (Brian Shaw) or the long established veterans (George Karl) aren’t coming here when they can jump on board a contender. Sexy isn’t an option considering the massive organizational baggage the Pistons took into each coaching interview the last month.

Why would a good coach come here unless he was desperate for anything?

That’s not exactly fertile marketing material for owner Tom Gores.